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Leader Of D.C.’s Largest Interracial Singles Meetup Talks Race, Dating, And IDSocialConnect

The stories that came before us influence what comes next. Poll In Your Words: Black or African American? Beneath the buttoned-down surface of the city, DC is full of history, diversity, joy and life. Urban affairs, neighborhoods, subways and the people who are affected by them all. Poll Will Chains Fill 14th Street? But some feel that D. On our Facebook page , Shea Bennett-Callen writes:. I lived in Ohio for several years with an ex who is black and Arab , and we lived here for about 2 years, we never had any negative experiences in DC like we did in ohio. It was pretty awesome.

Both of us being stubborn we stayed and they eventually served us. So, what is the goal of Interracial Dating and Social Connections?

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Lining up plans in Washington? Whether you're a local, new in town, or just passing through, you'll be sure to find something on Eventbrite that piques your. Find Meetups in Washington, District of Columbia about Interracial Dating and meet people in your local Interracial Networking and Dating - DC MD VA.

Simply, for people to meet, greet, and have fun. IDSocialConnect allows singles to step out of their comfort zone and try something new with diverse people. How do your meetups work? Do you go around hooking people with each other?

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We plan events that facilitate interaction and conversation…anything we can do together to be social and have fun. That includes happy hours, dinners, film screenings including eight screenings to see LOVING and conversation, theater outings, sporting events, volunteer opportunities.

As an organizer, I make sure that no one leaves an event without meeting someone. Because you seem wild young. And if you're not actually as young as your take on the world then that's probably the root of all the issues you're having. I've become way more outgoing than I used to be, so I'm being exposed to more social situations. I'm more social now than I was 10 years ago. I've grown up with a multicultural group of core friends. My top 10 friends are a complete mix--so I've taken my race for granted. I don't know you from Adam, but I can't imagine any of my peers conveying what you have without a few side eyes.

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We all grow at different speeds. But I sincerely suggest a bit more introspection before continued projection. I'm experiencing what I experience, don't know what else to say.


Maybe you're a super charming guy. I'm average height, moderate income, approachable enough, socially awkward, and I lack true style to boot, amongst a myriad of other social faux pas what is the plural to that. One reason I had success dating in this city and the previous ones because I talked to individuals. I had "types" that I was more initially attracted to than others, but I didn't limit my world or dating view to what I thought I knew.

lemefofittio.cf I let people tell and show me who they were and treated them as such. Every woman wasn't for me and I wasn't for every woman. And I explored that idea when it was an option. But there are hundreds of thousands of options out there. So I didn't waste my time making blanket assumptions about me or the world. I applied for an internal posting a few months ago. I didn't get it, even though I basically have the job. I perceived that the hiring department was unqualified, the reality was that my resume wasn't in the proper format and it filtered through the system. I could've left the organization based on my perception.

Or I could've reflected on that individual experience and found out more from it. Possibly it's simply an issue about stepping game up. Could just be that I'm more relaxed around people that are already my friends OR that I'm more relaxed around black women as I don't have preconceived notions around them Morphine, I'd like to hear more about the "DC not being laid back" angle.

I certainly know it's true in career aspects, but hadn't considered that from a dating aspect.


I agree with "not being laid back". I'm a woman and I know I'm unapproachable in classic social settings here bars, etc. When I'm out I just want to have a drink, relax from my inevitably stressful week, and catch up with friends. My friends in DC who date seem to mostly meet people online, through work or school, or through friends. I think it allows an element of control, or at least compartmentalization, that DCites like having. Women pick that up instantly unless they are really dumb.

I mean, you can't even complain about being discriminated as a black man in dating scene if you are already approaching women with certain assumptions It's always a question about stepping up your game, and sometimes accepting that you can't win every match.

Previously 501 days.

I'm not completely white, and yeah, perfect Aryan specimens give me a death stare when I approach them in bars. But their disgust is as much about my double chin and minimal pecs as it is about my flat nose and squint eyes. For me, it means proactively approaching women, eating fewer starches, and working out more often. I focused on improving appearance because it is one of my weak points; improving one's income through educational attainment or improving one's communication skills by learning a foreign language are also "stepping up one's game.

Always is not true. Always is almost always a bad word to use. That's why I added the addendum about recognizing that some games are unwinnable. Also, I'm sure you'd agree that self-improvement is always a good thing, even it was inspired by a desire to get laid more often. I'm in the process though mostly physical of it right now Everyone here is in a high stress job; the younger people just out of college are in internships or just starting out and not sure if they're going to stay here or change careers and cities ; rent is high; transportation sucks; the city is constantly in flux and work makes things stressful and unpredictable; everything is played by ear, etc.

Don't "step your game up". Take a full stop. Reflect on who you are. Do that three more times. Then do it three more times. Then like ten more times.

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Do it enough times that you recognize your own individualism. Then do it enough times afterwards that you can recognize the individualism in the women that you're wanting. The dynamics are whatever they are on an individual to individual basis. I personally am not attracted to most women that aren't my race. Interesting discussion - generally, I've found at least in my social circle , interracial dating to be super common, and I've never heard that they've experienced discrimination in DC.

Race, Class, The District.

In terms of the question re: From my personal experience I'm Asian , I probably fall into the category of women you're familiar with, but it's not because I don't find black men attractive, but my again, my own personal experience with black men has been too much like festishism on their part for me to be comfortable. Maybe, she's just not into you, bruh. You keep saying race is clearly an issue but, you gave zero actual evidence that it is. Now, this isn't to say that tons of white males weren't, but it was a much smaller number in comparison.

It kind of makes sense. I mean to the extent that this behavior for any human being makes sense. Oh sadly I'm well into my 30s and get plenty of these stupid messages from men older than me. Many of them never grow up! I know more interracial couples here than anywhere. Seems more common in the middle class and I mean Dc middle class so two professionals with decent jobs. That said generally anywhere in the US there is some stigma around interracial dating.

I've definitely noticed it as a white gay guy.