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Valve has had enough: Low Priority bot abusers received bans for up to 8 years (Update)

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Unfair matchmaking Hello, i'm kind of new to dota2, or dota whatsoever. It has come to my understanding, that after losing 10 matches in a row, I get other players in my team that also has lost many games in a row or has a very bad score in previous games.

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  • Unfair matchmaking.
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On the other hand, the oppent team has performed very well during their latest games and had all win streaks. Here is a picture of everyone in my team previous game, not the actual game we played. Now, the matchmaking was so kind and found some type of super team against us, here is a picture of every player in that team previous game.

So I hope I win someday so I get professionals in my team with a winstreak against bigger noobs than me! Originally Posted by davidjames.

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Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided: Additional 3 games played with great loss. I'ts time to delete dota and find another more enjoying game. OP you won't find any sympathy here I'm afraid. Picking Drow regardless of what your team picks and then make threads like this? Play with bots and try other classes. How to make Matchmaking fair: Seriously playing ap as a "noob" in this game is the worst thing u can do.

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Originally Posted by Ethitts. Account boosting and Low Priority relief services have been up and prospering for years since the implementation of Ranked matchmaking itself and Low Priority punishing system.

4. Ranked Roles Matchmaking with Normal Queue

While sharing an account to someone else to play a few games of Low Priority for you or improve your matchmaking Rating is a grey area in Valve's policy, the act of selling an account or using bots have always been considered a violation of the user agreement. Despite that fact, it did not prevent the people providing those services from running their business much.

For players themselves, the act of buying those services is usually justified by not wanting to play in a toxic environment, but is generaly looked down on by players who take RMM more seriously. A banned player has contacted steam regarding their ban. This is the reply from steam support:.

Steam Support will not lift this account restriction. If you believe an error has been made and want to report a bug, you may do so at the Dota 2 Developer Forum. The player who has received this message has been banned for Battle Pass abuse as per his comment:.