Charlotte dating alberto del rio

It was later confirmed that Paige and Del Rio had visited Caesar's Palace to watch a variety act and began being heckled by a couple nearby. This then led to Paige being accosted and so the police were called.

11 Things You Need To Know About Paige Dating Alberto Del Rio

All parties were handcuffed while statements were taken and Paige was then taken into an ambulance to check that she wasn't hurt. Del Rio and Paige were then allowed to leave the scene without being charged. Paige has been very outspoken about her relationship with Alberto Del Rio and took it to the next level merely weeks after their relationship was made official when she revealed that she had the word 'Papi' tattooed on the side of her finger in honor of her new boyfriend.

She showed this off when she was a part of Superstar Ink with Corey Graves and then last month she shared a picture of her new 'Alberto' tattoo which she has on her ribs. This was posted to her Instagram account and there were also rumors that Alberto himself had a Paige inspired tattoo as well even though he hasn't posted a picture of this online.

Couples that get inked together, stay together? Good thing for laser removal surgery. Paige's family run their own Wrestling Promotion in Norwich and managed to involve Del Rio in the show. It would seems that while he was over there he managed to spend time with Paige's parents and get to know the couple that could go on to be his mother and father-in-law. And as you will see further down the list, he made quite the impression. This won't be breaking news to many fans, but Paige and Del Rio as a couple may not be together for that much longer. As seen on many episodes of Total Divas, Paige is a free spirit.

She had a different boyfriend in the first season she was a part of and then she was engaged to Kevin Skaff, the guitarist for A Day To Remember, for a while before she decided to break this off.

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Paige said yes to the engagement when she didn't actually want to be engaged to Kevin and then broke up with him when she was finally able to. Add that to the fact that Del Rio is actually still married to his wife, and you will see that this relationship is quite obviously not one that is destined to last. It was one of the most shocking announcements that Paige had ever made, but photos of the couple at Disneyland with Del Rio's kids began to surface online and many fans thought that Paige was just there as Del Rio's friend to help with the children.

Their relationship was then confirmed when more photos of the couple surfaced, this time with them kissing and holding each other's hands. They looked happy in the photo and despite all of the negativity that their relationship has been forced to withstand, the couple always looked happy when they are pictured together. However, Disneyland provides a world of fantasy, so perhaps the life this relationship will soon face reality. Then again, this could turn out to be a fairytale romance after all. Del Rio looked just as shocked as the WWE Universe by this but promptly accepted the proposal and the couple then announced their engagement in a video.

The sad part of this is the fact that Paige is currently under suspension from WWE and she could have actually been fired for attending a rival event and being filmed in the ring with her boyfriend. WWE have released talent before for attending rival shows so Paige has been very lucky to keep her job after this latest stunt. It's a well-known fact that Vince McMahon doesn't like couples to be happy,. If he thinks that a couple is together who shouldn't be, then he will attempt to step in and force them to rethink their relationship. He did this with Lana when he thought that she was too attractive for Rusev and that backfired.

Now, it seems the same happened with Paige and Del Rio. Paige then removed all the photos of her and Del Rio from Instagram and it looked like the couple had split. But Paige then updated more photos of her and Del Rio and the couple looked happier than ever. As already stated, Paige and Del Rio decided to leak the relationship online themselves and then face the wrath of WWE afterwards.

The company was not impressed that the couple had got together and thought that Del Rio would be a bad influence on Paige so they told her to break it off with him. There were rumors circulating that stated that WWE told Paige that she would be fired if she didn't break up with Del Rio. Obviously, she hasn't and she has managed to keep her job with the company. If WWE had done this then they would be breaching many codes of conduct. This could be one of the main reasons why Paige is getting away with as much as she is at the moment. Couples who get suspended together also stay together, right?

Well ask Paige and Del Rio. Both superstars were suspended on the same day earlier this year for their first violation of WWE's Wellness Policy. And this was only the beginning for Paige. They were suspended along with Eva Marie for 30 days on August 17th, which also happens to be Paige's birthday. Some birthday present that was. It was also the day that Paige won her second Divas Championship at SummerSlam in , but now it seems the day has much worse memories for the British Superstar. Paige was suspended for a second time a few weeks ago for her second violation and this time for 60 days. Is Paige simply looking for a way out of her WWE contract? A post shared by Saraya Bevis realpaigewwe on May 5, at 2: The couple stayed with them overnight and were a part of the family run show the same night but it seems there wasn't a lasting impression.

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Alberto Del Rio is one of modern wrestling's most tragic stories, and biggest wasted opportunities. 5: Before Paige, Alberto Del Rio was dating Charlotte. Before Paige and Del Rio got together, however, Alberto had a fling with This left Charlotte open to date or be with whoever she wanted.

Following Paige's engagement to Del Rio last week, her father took to facebook to state that he doesn't approve of his daughter marrying that man. Something that many fans have tried to read into but maybe it's the age gap or the fact that he too thinks that Del Rio is a bad influence on Paige. Either way, Dads usually know best. We have to wonder if there is any lingering tension between Paige and her father following this announcement. There were rumors earlier in Paige and Del Rio's relationship that there was set to be a lot of tension between Charlotte and Paige because the former Women's Champion used to date Del Rio before he made his relationship with Paige official.

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Paige and Charlotte have had many awkward interactions since and it is reported that they definitely aren't the best of friends these days. Alberto Del Rio sure got around the WWE locker room, even though the divorce of his previous marriage was not finalized. Yes, that's right Del Rio accepted Paige's marriage proposal despite the fact that he is still married to another woman.

It seems that Del Rio's wife filed for divorce for adultery two weeks after Paige and Del Rio went public with their relationship. It is also thought that Del Rio's divorce is not yet finalized.

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The photos of Paige and Del Rio that were leaked online are one of the main reasons for the divorce proceedings. These proceedings are said to have turned nasty with both parties seeking full custody of their children and their possessions while a restraining order to limit contact between the two has also been issued. People would respond to this with 'age is just a number' but is it really?

Paige and Del Rio are from two completely different generations.

Noticia corta - Alberto del Río, Paige, Charlotte… ¿Se avecina un triángulo amoroso en WWE?

Paige was born in the s while Del Rio was born in the s. They both had different upbringings and are from different countries.

Will There Be Former WWE Stars In The Women’s Royal Rumble Match?

Could there be too many differences here for them to make it work? Could they really make it work despite such a huge age gap? There are certainly not the first wrestling couple with a significant age gap but only time will tell if this is meant to last.

Yes, we are only in October now and the couple have already become engaged after just five months together. They officially revealed that they were dating back in May and have since both spent most of the last few months away from WWE TV. Paige hasn't appeared on WWE TV in months and Del Rio has been away from the company now for almost a month yet they are still the most talked about couple that is currently a part of WWE.

WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio caught in a love triangle? Paige, Charlotte fighting over him

Maybe they would have been better off keeping their relationship private because a lot of Paige's recent unruly behaviour is being blamed on Del Rio's influence. Another fun one the other day while doing totaldiva green screens. Thanks to honeybeileen for hooking a sister up in the face department! A post shared by Saraya Bevis realpaigewwe on Jul 30, at 6: Paige was one of the main stars on Total Divas before she was forced to undergo neck surgery last week and before her two suspensions from WWE.

This means that before she was on the sidelines of the company due to injury, she was a part of filming for the new season of Total Divas. The new season is set to air in the UK and America next month and the new trailer shows that Paige and Del Rio's relationship also plays a part in the show.

Paige is shown talking to Renee Young about her relationship with the former United States Champion and tells the WWE interviewer that she has no idea what she is going through. Alberto Del Rio and Paige are one of the highest profile real life couples in professional wrestling today. That designation may be all the more impressive given that, for most of their relationship, neither has appeared on screen with the largest wrestling company in the world, WWE.

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Flair Flop is offline. Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on any of our sites. A short while later, this photo surfaced online of the two posing together with fans. Later, some claimed that the incident was all a publicity stunt and shot as an angle of the Total Divas reality series. Analytics and performance cookies:

WWE gave him a lot of opportunities, including early victories over Rey Mysterio, winning the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank, getting a WrestleMania world title shot and multiple world championship victories. He left under controversy, with the story of a backstage employee using a racial slur and Del Rio assaulting him. That Del Rio came back at all—much less under two years later—was a surprise to many.

Del Rio had a reputation as a partier in his second WWE tenure. In under a year, he had a fling with Charlotte Flair, and then began a relationship with Paige. But then she got together with Del Rio. In their time together, both stars faced WWE suspensions, Del Rio wound up leaving altogether, and Paige has suffered suspensions, gone out for surgery, and aby and large been written out of WWE programming. This article looks at fifteen of the most shocking details. That Del Rio was still married to her. We do know with more certainty that Del Rio wound up together with Paige not so long after.

There have been a number of rumors of public disputes between Alberto Del Rio and Paige, often associated with rumors that the couple is breaking up.